Help S.A.D. Save More Lives !

Any Size Donation is Appreciated

When we pull a dog from the shelter that is scheduled for euthanasia we need funds to spay/neuter, microchip and vaccinate. The cost for this ranges from $120- $200 depending upon the vet. All dogs are pulled from the shelter and go directly to a local vet to be immediately cared for before we transport to our rescue. Therefore costs will vary.  We also pull many dogs that are in need of medical attention which adds to our normal vetting cost. It is common to pull a dog that is heartworm positive, has mange, bacterial skin infections, emaciated, diabetic or has other medical issues. We can not pull a dog if we don’t have the funds to pay for their medical bills.

This has always been a struggle for us, and we have had to turn down many dogs because of inadequate funds. Donations to this fund will be used for dogs that are in need of rescue and/or to pay for a vet bill that is still owed. If we have a foster home available , and the funds to pay for the medical bill we can pull the dog once it is temperament tested

Save a Life Club

Your monthly donation to the Save A Life Club helps our rescue save dogs from euthanasia from local animal shelters or overseas.  Adoption fees alone do not cover the costs associated with rescuing a dog. Our expenses include Transporting, Spay/ Neuter, Vaccines & Microchipping of every animal that comes to our rescue, along with unforeseen medical bills such as heartworm treatment or other medically necessary procedures.  Once an animal is rescued they are placed in foster homes where they will remain until adoption. Your monthly donation also helps us with the expenses of their everyday care and wellness… which includes the costs of High Quality Food, Heartworm Preventative, Flea Preventative, Toys, Leashes, Collars, Tags, Crates, Dog Beds etc.

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