What color is your dog?

The Meet Your Match Canine-ality Adoption Program is designed to increase the likelihood that shelter dogs six months old and beyond bond with their adopters and are accepted as welcome members of the family.

The Canine-ality Assessment evaluates each dog’s degree of:

  • Friendliness and sociability
  • Playfulness
  • Energy level and ability to focus
  • Motivation (food, people, toys, internal motivations, etc.)
  • “People manners”

An evaluator uses the assessment scores to select the appropriate color (green, orange, or purple) for the dog. Each color category represents the level of training and attention that is likely required for dogs scoring in that category.

Within the color category, the evaluator then selects the appropriate description from the three Canine-alities in that category. The dog’s source of motivation internal, external, or social (i.e. human attention) determines which description the evaluator selects. 

Adopters Learn about Their Preferences, Expectations, and Lifestyle

The Dog Adopter Survey identifies adopter preferences that correspond to characteristics measured in the Canine-ality Assessment. Adopters can complete the one-page survey in a few minutes. Its tone is lighthearted and upbeat (think magazine quiz, not college application).

Adopters enjoy completing the survey and finding out what “color” they are:

  • Green adopters are most successful with dogs who like to be physically and mentally engaged.
  • Orange adopters are a good fit with middle-of-the-road dogs who are responsive and like regular activity and interaction.
  • Purple adopters are comfortable with dogs who have a laidback attitude and enjoy an easygoing lifestyle.
  • This assessment does not indicate compatability with other animals or children. 
  • Please refer to the detailed description of dogs available for adoption for further information on any adoption restrictions with dogs or children
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