The availability of dog meat is widespread in Asia. After learning about the horrors of the dog meat trade in Asian Countries S.A.D wanted to try and help in any way we could. Dogs are tortured…then skinned , boiled and grilled alive for dog soup and other tasty Asian dishes. They have “puppy soup” where puppies are boiled alive. 

  • The dogs we rescue from Thailand are survivors of the illegal dog meat trade and vulnerable street dogs rescued from a government shelter in Northern Thailand (DMT), vulnerable street dogs found in the Government Dog Pound in Phuket (GDP) or dogs living in Soi Dog Foundation’s Phuket Shelter (PS).
  • Thousands of dogs have been stolen from the streets of Thailand over the past 30 years. Street dogs and pets are kidnapped and stuffed into small wire cages. Terrified and struggling to breathe they travel for days and days without food or water. When they reach their final destination they are unloaded, tortured and boiled alive. Their skins ripped from their bodies in the twisted belief that this will make their meat taste better
  • In Vietnam and Cambodia, approximately 5 million dogs are slaughtered each year for human consumption. Many are transported over the border from Thailand 
  • In South Korea dogs are farmed for human consumption. On the ground rescue organizations are working with senior government officials to enact stronger animal welfare laws with the ultimate aim of banning the dog meat industry. By turning public opinion against dog meat consumption and the farming of dogs, and by keeping up pressure on lawmakers to make the industry illegal, we hope to see the dog meat trade in South Korea shut down for good.
  • In China, activists are working on the ground to rescue, medically treat, and care for hundreds of dogs saved from the country’s dog meat trade and the notorious Yulin dog meat festival.
  • The current situation is that millions of dogs are slaughtered, and tortured every year for their dog meat.  

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We are bringing Asian dogs to S.A.D. We need foster homes to place the dogs we rescue or we can’t bring them to the U.S.  Transportation costs to fly a dog from overseas is very expensive. We rely on donations to help with transportation expenses. 

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