Before Submitting an Application
Please Read this Important Information

Adoption fees vary. The adoption fee for certain animals is dependent on many factors including age, size, behavior, medical condition, demand, vetting and rescue expenses and how long we have had the dog. Adoption fees range from $0 to $395 for dogs and puppies. Adoption fees are listed on the description of each adoptable dog.

In order to meet a dog/puppy you must submit an application and be approved
  1. You will first be required to complete our online adoption application.  You can fill out an application by going to our Adoptable Dogs page, clicking on the dog and you will see a link that says ADOPT. Once received you will receive an email from S.A.D. with a link to log into our management system. There you can track the progress of your application. 
  2. All initial contact will be through email, please do not call our office for the status of your application.
  3. With all applications we may contact your references and/or your veterinarian, request photos, and do a home visit. 
  4. For adult dogs we will arrange a meeting with the foster parent for you to meet and play with your pet of choosing.  We have foster homes throughout the state of Indiana 
  5. We prefer to adopt locally. We will consider out of state applications from neighboring states.
  6. We will require puppy classes/ and or obedience classes for some dogs. Especially homes with children.
  7. We may deny an application for any reason, many considerations go into our decision. 

Adoption Criteria

  • We always approve an application that has the BEST fit..not the first application we receive. 
  • We require a secure fenced in yard at least 4′ tall. Invisible fence will be considered on a case by case basis. We may consider an exception if applicant lives in a condo development , or subdivision that will not allow fences and has strict leash laws. It always depends on the location and the dog.   
  • If the dog has shown signs that it can not be trusted to free roam in your house, then we will be looking for an adopter where someone is usually home, such as a retired couple, people that work different shifts or stay at home moms.
  • We do not allow any dogs to be crated 8 hrs a day while people are at work. 
  • We don’t usually adopt to depends on the dog etc. and we will make a determination on a case by case basis. We have this policy because owner surrenders are the highest with renters. Renters are at the mercy of their landlords.  If the dog barks or disturbs other residents the  landlord may demand the dog leaves. When tenants move not all  landlords accept pets, and many dogs are surrendered to shelters because the owner could not take the dog
  • We do not adopt to families with children under the age of 5 unless the dog has been around children. 
  • If you have other dogs/pets we may require a meet & greet . 
  • All dogs in the home must have a history of being on heartworm preventative verified by a vet or receipts, spayed/neutered, and a current on vaccinations
  • We reserve the right to deny an application for any reason 
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