This is a game of chance…
even if you do not understand football ...all you need to do is pick your squares.

$5.00 Per Square

This is a fundraiser. 100 squares at $5.00 each are sold. $500 will be collected. S.A.D. will retain 50% as a donation. Total Payout will be $250. At the end of each quarter we will post the winner for that quarter, the payout is $50 per quarter. However, the 4th quarter will receive a double payout unless the game goes into overtime, then 5 payouts will be made and the final score will also receive $50. There is no limit on the amount of squares you can purchase.  

It's Easy as 1-2-3 to Play

  1. Click on the link below to sign up and choose your squares. 
  2. After you choose your squares click on the ” Buy Now” link to purchase your squares. Please pay within 72 hours or we may need to remove your square
  3. Now just sit back and wait until game day
Super Bowl Square

When you click on the link above you will be asked to register so you can change your squares and manage your account. You will not receive any spam emails, and you will not be asked to provide any credit card info. You do not pay when picking out squares. However if you would rather have us manually enter your squares please send us an email at